Keynote Speakers

Rather than have one keynote speaker this year, the Moderator Elect has selected three keynote speakers from within our church leadership.

The speakers this year are Reverend Ned Ripley, Very Reverend Margaret Schrader and Very Reverend Graham Redding. They know our Church well and have much wisdom to share. Ned is a minister, an elder and a JP and was awarded the QSM in 1982; Margaret is one of only four women to be have been previously elected Moderator of our Church and Graham is a former Moderator of our Church and the current Master of Knox College in Dunedin.

We will be updating this page with more detailed profiles as the date for Assembly draws closer. Keynote speaker profiles will also be sent via email for those who have signed up for Assembly Updates.

Very Reverend Margaret Schrader

Very Rev Margaret Schrader is one of only four women to be have been elected Moderator of our Church (1995).

She trained as a Methodist deaconess at the Methodist Deaconess College, Melbourne, and later served our Church in a variety of capacities, including with the Parish Development & Mission department; as a spiritual growth consultant for the Mission Resource Team; and in shared ministry with her husband, the late Rev Warren Schrader.

After Warren’s death, Margaret, with the help of two Catholic nuns, opened her home as The Still Point, a house of prayer.

She retired in 2004 and remains involved with her local church and spiritual direction.

She is mother to seven children from Warren’s previous marriages and one child with Warren.

Margaret is both delighted and honoured to be invited to speak at Assembly. She says that while she will prepare an outline for her address on relationship with God, she is open to “hearing the Spirit” at Assembly and responding.  

“I will talk about the way we know God, ask people to be in touch with their own felt sense of this and perhaps put a name to it. We will explore some of the many different images of God in Scripture – father, mother, friend, lover, holy one, midwife and many more.”

“I have been thinking about how who God is for me effects the decisions I make, how I make them and how I respond to others who have a very different sense or understanding. I am thinking about how as an Assembly we can listen to, and learn from, those with a different sense and then lovingly make decisions as the one people of God.”

The Very Rev Dr Graham Redding

Graham has been the Master of Knox College, Dunedin, since 2014.

He is a former Moderator of our Church (2008-2010), was Principal of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (2007-2014), and is a former parish minister.

Graham has served the Church in a variety of capacities, including the Leadership Policy Group and the Doctrine Core Group.

He has a Doctorate through London University.  He is the author of Prayer and the Priesthood of Christ in the Reformed Tradition, published in 2003.