The Vision

At General Assembly we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be at our best. It is an opportunity to showcase what it means to be Presbyterian.

This year the Church’s highest court meets at St Andrew College, Christchurch from¬†Wednesday 3 October to Sunday 7 October.

To know and experience the heart and soul of Presbyterianism here in Aotearoa, your Church invites you to come and participate. It is a privilege to be a commissioner, guest, volunteer, worker, runner, observer and to be involved at this level of our Church. GA 2018 is the main event in our calendar this year. Come and bring your best.

Our focus for GA 2018 is relationship: the relationship between God and you, you and your Maker, and, the relationship between you and others. Relationship is basic and fundamental- it is the “bread and butter” of Christian existence. The One who makes personal our relationships is the Helper, the Holy Spirit. The cross is our logo for GA 18, and it reminds us that Jesus Christ is the heart of all such relationships. Indeed, the Lord Jesus is God’s “Yes” to a groaning world. May the Holy Spirit guide us in fulfilling the will of God.


In Christ,

Rev Fakaofo Kaio (Moderator Elect)

For more information on the Moderator of General Assembly 2018-2020 please click here.